Getting Close to Launch Day!

My debut historical fiction novel’s release date is close.


This has been a long journey. I began writing this novel in 2017 using the working title The Missionary’s Wife. It is now titled Trail of Dreams with plans to launch mid April, 2021.

The cover has been designed and I’m waiting on my production team from Pure Heart Media (my wife, Kate) to finalize digital details. A sneak peak at the cover can be seen here

I’m pleased with it. I know you want to see it. Tada!

Harry Jennings, a 1920s era newspaper reporter, finds missionaries’ journals from the 1830s containing a treasure map. Harry follows clues in the diaries in a quest to locate legendary silver mines. In his search, he meets Cecilia Lake, a lovely and intelligent librarian who helps him search for Shawnee silver missing for hundreds of years. As Harry’s search threads through the novel, contrasts between the cultures and beliefs of Elisha and Abigail Parker, Quaker missionaries, and the Shawnee people are recorded in their own words. 

Join the Parker family by a campfire after a wearisome day traveling by covered wagon across the plains. How successful are they in “Christianizing” the Shawnee? This historical novel is part adventure story, love story, western, and a sad commentary how greed dispossessed the Shawnee people from their ancestral lands.

It will be available through Amazon or here. Sign up to follow this blog and you’ll get advance notice. Thanks for your support.

What do you think of the cover?


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